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Charge offs, Late Payments, Judgements
15-30 days. We work directly with
all three major Credit Bureaus and we
get the results fast. Our clients enjoy
increrased FICO score, and the oppertunity
to buy Homes, Cars, and high linit Credit
Cards.First, the results that consumers
receive from traditional credit repair
companies are at best temporary.
Second, most companies utilize a
standardized dispute letter and hope t
hat if they send off enough dispute letters
to the credit bureaus that the report will
reflect a positive payment history. What the traditional companies are really relying on is the
credit issuer failing to respond to a dispute. This is a temporary fix because the credit issuer
can update the credit profile at any time. The last reason our company is superior to other
credit repair firms is that they typically charge ongoing monthly fees whereas we charge a
low one time fee.

Our credit repair services can lead to the removal of information about bankruptcies, charge
offs, repos, judgments, tax liens, student loans, foreclosures and slow pays.

We provide before and after results.

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Confused about Credit Scores

The term FICO stands for Fair Isaac Company. This
company has developed a mathematical formula to
determine how high of a risk you are as a credit applicant.
The formula is nothing short of complicated and confusing!

We have done extensive research on the scoring model
and have learned: The FICO score is developed by taking
millions of people, their payment histories, balances,
credit limits, number of open accounts and the
percentage that don't pay, then coming up with several
different averages to justify credit worthiness.

Unfortunately, your score really isn't your score. It's a
score based on the performance of millions of people.
The score consists of up to 300 different characteristics
which are then boiled down to 10 different score cards.
Each score card is a determining factor in being approved
for credit.
We understand the 10-card scoring system as well as the
300 encoded characteristics that are used to develop the
concluding model. Here is a percentage breakdown of
some factors the formula takes into consideration:
Warranty: Money Back

Here is how the warranty works:
If after three months of services
you are entitled you some or all
of your money back if we have
not removed/corrected enough
disputed items form your credit
It's that simple!
Citi Prime Group diverse in-house origination capabilities, encompassing Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA, Hard Money, Hedge Funds, conduit, bridge,
mezzanine, and balance sheet whole loans,CitiGroup provides the capacity to structure deals to meet the customized needs of our borrower. This has been
realized in the steady growth of our origination portfolio - with approximately $1.1 billion in closed loans in 2004, $2.5 billion in 2005, and approximately $3
billion in both 2006 and 2007 with our affiliates Lenders.
We manage the entire loan process from application to securitization and beyond, we remain highly attentive to our borrower’s complex needs throughout the
life of the loan, combining the benefits of our capital markets expertise with the approach of a portfolio lender.
The synergistic combination of commercial real estate lending, servicing, special servicing, capital markets expertise and high-yield investment capabilities
that CitiGroup Commercial offers affords a unique position in the market, enabling us to provide a full array of products and services to borrowers, mortgage
brokers and investors - creating value every step of the way.  Our agility, dedication and resources are unmatched - offering the best in service, execution and

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