Fannie Mae Small Balance Multifamily Loan Program

CitprimeGroup, a direct correspondent of the Fannie Mae DUS™
Lender Program, offers Fannie Mae's multifamily loan products
through its Agency-Series™ Multifamily Loan Program, including the
3MaxExpress™, DUS Mortgage, DUS Plus, and Choice Refinance.

Fannie Mae 3MaxExpress™ Product Overview

The Fannie Mae 3MaxExpress™ multifamily loan product offers
flexible terms and streamlined processing for apartment loan sizes to
$3 million, and up to $5 million in some areas. Designed for low cost
execution, competitive pricing, reduced documentation, and
streamlined third party reports, the 3MaxExpress™ apartment
financing product offers borrowers unmatched performance and

Low Fixed Interest Rates
5-30 Year Fixed Rate Terms
Supplemental Loan Eligibility
Finance up to 3% of Closing Costs
Extended Rate Lock Options
80% LTV / 85% With Mezz B Note
Interest Only Payment Options
365 Day Extended Rate Locks

Overview: For qualified borrowers and properties, Fannie Mae offers
the lowest fixed interest rates with customized terms to deliver highly
target apartment financing solutions. Slightly higher transactions
costs and longer closing periods than the Citigroup™ Apartment
Loan Program.

Fannie-Mae DUS Large Balance Apartment Loan Program

Citigroup provides the Fannie Mae DUS standard multifamily loan
program through its Agency-Series™ program. The standard
multifamily loan program provides highly customizable apartment
financing that can be structured around an individual's borrowing
needs and property constraints to accomplish the desired investment

Customizable Fixed Rate Terms - 5, 7, 10, 15, 18, 20, 25, & 30 Year
Terms Defeasance, Yield Maintenance, and Decreasing Term
Prepayment Options
High Leverage to 80% LTV With 5% Mezzanine Financing for 85%

Single or Multi-Asset Properties
Cash, MBS, or DMBS Execution
365 Day Extended Rate Locks
Balloon or Non-Balloon Terms
Non-Recourse Above $1.5 Million
Tiered Risk-Based Pricing  
Commercial properties by insuring loans
originated and (sometimes) serviced by approved
lenders. Some of these agencies are managed by
the government, while others merely enjoy certain
or exemption. Each agency defines a range of
commercial loan programs for different
commercial real estate property types, loan
amount ranges, and funding purposes.

In addition to our loan products, we can deliver
ready access to a comprehensive set of
traditional corporate banking products, with the
goal of structuring a long-term financing services
relationship. These ancillary services include:

1. Capital markets
2. Cash management
3. International trade finance
4. Foreign exchange
5. Equipment leasing

Commercial Loans Failing at Rapid Pace

U.S. banks have been charging off soured
commercial mortgages at the fastest pace in
nearly 20 years, according to an analysis by The
Wall Street Journal. At that rate, losses on loans
used to finance offices, shopping malls, hotels,
apartments and other commercial property could
reach about $30 billion by the end of 2009.

The losses by regional banks on their commercial
real-estate loans will be among the most watched
details as thousands of banks report
second-quarter results over the next two weeks.
Many of the most troubled banks have heavy
exposure to commercial real estate. So far, 57
banks have failed this year.

The $30 billion estimate is based on financial first
quarter. The trend continued as a handful of
major banks reported second-quarter results,
including Goldman Sachs Group Inc., J.P. Morgan
Chase & Co. and Bank of America Corp. Regional
banks tend to have higher exposure to
commercial real estate than these big financial
institutions.                                    A Global Capital Company
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Citi Prime Group diverse in-house origination capabilities, encompassing Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA, Hard Money, Hedge Funds, conduit, bridge, mezzanine, and balance sheet
whole loans,CitiGroup provides the capacity to structure deals to meet the customized needs of our borrower. This has been realized in the steady growth of our origination portfolio -
with approximately $1.1 billion in closed loans in 2004, $2.5 billion in 2005, and approximately $3 billion in both 2006 and 2007 with our affiliates Lenders.
We manage the entire loan process from application to securitization and beyond, we remain highly attentive to our borrower’s complex needs throughout the life of the loan,
combining the benefits of our capital markets expertise with the approach of a portfolio lender.
The synergistic combination of commercial real estate lending, servicing, special servicing, capital markets expertise and high-yield investment capabilities that CitiGroup Commercial
offers affords a unique position in the market, enabling us to provide a full array of products and services to borrowers, mortgage brokers and investors - creating value every step of the
way.  Our agility, dedication and resources are unmatched - offering the best in service, execution and commitment.

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